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Our History

The shopping centre Centro Comercial Puerta Europa is located in the city of Algeciras (Cadiz), capital city of the metropolitan area Campo de Gibraltar, at the km 106 of the national road N-340 / A-7 (ring road of Algeciras).

It provides a total built surface of 102,000m2, arranged into two underground car park levels, an outside car park and two floors for commercial and leisure purposes of nearly 30,000m2 of rentable surface, which houses 80 premises. It was inaugurated on 12 November 2009.

Algeciras, with 116,209 inhabitants, is the capital city of the metropolitan area Campo de Gibraltar, whose total surface covers the third part of the province. Together with Gibraltar and Ceuta, the area of influence counts on 293,180 inhabitants.

Algeciras is the twelfth largest municipality of Andalusia and the third of the province, behind Jerez de la Frontera and Cadiz, in terms of population. Population is similar to that of capital cities, such as Jaen or Cadiz and higher than Gerona or Santiago de Compostela. It is the largest city of Campo de Gibraltar and economy is based on its position as communication node between Africa and existing industries in the area.

As a result of the opening of the shopping centre Centro Comercial Puerta Europa, consumers from Campo de Gibraltar count on top national fashion brands which opened their first shops within the metropolitan area.

Algeciras offers Puerta Europa the chance of becoming the first centre of population and administrative centre of the metropolitan area, therefore, this lead to the centre absorbing visitors not only from the own municipality but also from boundary areas. In addition to this, the fact of being located just next to the national road N-340, makes the Shopping Centre Puerta Europa benefit not only from existing synergies within the surrounding urban environment, but also from the easy access for neighbouring visitors.

Thus, and as reads the slogan of the Shopping Centre, we want it to be "your new destination", Puerta Europa is, due to its size, fashion and foodstuff stores, services and leisure activities and location, the commercial reference of, not only Campo de Gribaltar, but also the province of Cadiz.




We are at: A7 Salida 106, Algeciras
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Open from Mondays to Saturdays (from 10:00 to 22:00)
Timetable for Openings and Sales 2016

Centro Comercial Puerta Europa provides you with all type of shops,fashion,restaurants and services you may enjoy while shopping. Don´t give it another thought and come to visit the Shopping Centre Puerta Europa.

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