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Puerta Europa


Puerta Europa gives you much more ...

Lost objects

Point of collection and delivery of lost objects, located in the security post.


Public toilets available in all the floors of the shopping center.


Cashier 4B, on the ground floor.

Car wash

Car wash service without water available in the basement 1 parking lot.

Breastfeeding room and changing table

Two rooms equipped with everything necessary for changing diapers.


Area for the little ones to enjoy their visit located on the top floor.


Photo booth in the access to the center from Basement 1 (Primark).

First aid kit

We have a First Aid kit for basic needs.


The center has a DESA group or semi-automatic external defibrillator.

Security guard

Puerta Europa has security guards during all hours that the center remains open.

TV circuit

We have an internal television circuit to ensure each point of the center during your visit.

Covered parking

Basement 1 and Basement 2 with more than 1,800 parking spaces.

Exclusive parking disabled

Places reserved for people with reduced mobility, in north access and -1 floors and -2 parking.

Parking familiar

Squares reserved for families located in the uncovered ground floor parking.

Parking for motorcycles

Located in the open parking lot on the ground floor.


Directories of stores located in all commercial plants.

Bus stop

Buses line 1 and line 2.

Stop taxis

Located in the main access of the ground floor.