DISTROLLER | Centro Comercial Puerta Europa
Puerta Europa


  • Activity: Infantil
  • Location: Ground floor
  • Schedules: De 10:00 a 22:00h


Distroller, the 102% Mexican brand created by Amparo Serrano, better known as “Amparín”, arrives at Toy Planet Algeciras with all the illusion, to present its three iconic properties, “Virgencita Plis”, “Neonatos” and “Chamoy and Amiguis “.

Distroller wishes that all girls and boys in Algeciras can enjoy a unique experience, where they can go to the Neonatal Clinic and adopt a “Neonate”, where Nurse Tania, along with her faithful Aspiridian assistant, will apply the first vaccinations and their care, giving the best advice to the new neonatal fathers and mothers.

“Chamoy and Amiguis” invites us to be part of the gang of friends, more “kul” of the Perpetual Candle Cole, where these characters and their pets will surprise us with their adventures that are the perfect mix between reality and fantasy !!! … Inside the store too, there is the well-known “Virgencita Plis”, with a perfectly heavenly product line !!!

Ground floor Ubicación de la tienda