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Manzana Rota in the Puerta Europa Shopping Center in Algeciras is a technical service where you can repair your mobile devices. 
Give a new opportunity to your smartphone or tablet by bringing them to repair to our center where we have spare parts so that the repair of your equipment is on the spot. Forget about waiting for days to enjoy your mobile phone again, our professionals will do the best job in record time and you can continue your life normally.
Today we live in a world where technology is part of our lives 90% of the time, which is why dispensing with our mobile devices is becoming increasingly complicated. Work, social life, all our communication is connected to our latest generation smartphone or tablet . That’s why in Manzana Rota in the Puerta Europa Shopping Center in Algeciraswe bet to offer you a fast and efficient service that starts up your device as soon as possible.
For greater customer comfort all the repairs are made in our workshop, where we have the best technology in the hands of professionals to perform repairs in record time and at the best prices in the market to save shipments and intermediaries. 
Do you want to release your mobile phone ? We are specialists in giving a new opportunity to your device eliminating the obstacles that the telecommunications companies put once the commitment with them has concluded. Manzana Rota in the Puerta Europa Shopping Center in Algeciras we have the necessary equipment to work with the main teleoperators and carry out this process easily and simply with the sole purpose of obtaining the satisfaction of our customers.
If you are interested in learning how to repair mobile phones and tablets, we have training courses that will ensure you a long-term job.

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