MISTER LYZ | Centro Comercial Puerta Europa
Puerta Europa


  • Activity: Footwear and duplication of keys
  • Location: Ground floor
  • Phone: 956 637 488


Mister Lyz at the Puerta Europa Shopping Center in Algeciras is your trusted store for repairing your favorite footwear . Do not you dare to throw your shoes off first, stop by our establishment and give them a second chance by putting them in the hands of our professional shoemakers. 
We are at your disposal to give more life to those shoes that you like so much, bring them in your next day of leisure and we will repair them while you watch the last movie of opening or snacks with the whole family. Our professional experts in shoe repair will leave your shoes as new thanks to the first quality materials we use for their renovation. Do not think about it anymore and we will give you a longer life!
Do you need an urgent copy of your keys? At Mister Lyz in the Puerta Europa Shopping Center in Algeciras we have a wide variety of keys to make the copies you need at the moment. Do not stay on the street ever because it is not a working day, come to our establishment and you will immediately have your new copies no matter what day it is. Security keys, garage controls and all kinds of keys that you can take in just a few minutes. 
We are happy to solve the small incidents that may arise, our instantaneous services are designed to meet your most urgent needs and you can continue to enjoy a special leisure evening with those you love the most.
A dream dinner, a funny comedy at the cinema, weekly shopping at the supermarket or a walk through the fashion shops will be a special pleasure while we help you to repair the small damages of your belongings. Come visit Mister Lyz at the Puerta Europa Shopping Center in Algeciras to repair your shoes. We are happy to help you!

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