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Toy Planet emerged in 1988 as a chain of toy retailers, with more than 25 years of history. Currently we also have an online sales channel, the website, to meet the needs and desires of our consumers. We currently have more than 200 stores in Spain and online sales internationally.

The main goal of Toy Planet is to promote the development and physical and emotional growth of children. Through our work and our products, we want to provide both parents and their children with the necessary tools to grow healthy and happy. In addition, everyone who collaborates with Toy Planet becomes part of a large family. A cozy “home” in which to grow together and share the values ​​of …

The company’s objective is to offer the best and most balanced assortment of products and toys of its own brand and manufacturers. Positioning Toy as the toy chain that best knows you, takes care of you and offers you what you really need at a very competitive price.

Toy Planet develops all its activity always taking into account the correct development of children. Through large doses of education, fun and love, the little ones make up their skills and abilities. Thus, our toys try to be the vehicle to enhance these values.

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